Wakehorst was in tears as he celebrated after he hit the Anfield sign.

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Manchester United on-loan striker Vauth Wakehorst was left in tears. After scoring in the Europa League last night. After being hit hard by putting his hand on the ‘This is Anfield’ sign in the past red battle

  Vout Wakehorst was almost in tears after celebrating his first Old Trafford goal for Manchester United in their Europa League round of 16 win over Real Betis. Last night’s first leg last night with a striker on loan from Burnley scoring Manchester United’s fourth goal before this game. The club in a 3-0 win over Nottingham Forest in the Carabao Cup on January 25.

Wakehorst was in tears as he celebrated after he hit the Anfield sign.

          The Dutchman almost scored early in the UFABET game but missed it. But he finally got his head in the 82nd minute from the moment Facundo Pellistri spun into the penalty area on the right flank. Slapping the ball inside for Scott McTominay to save Claudio. Bravo, but unlucky, brushed into Wakehorst’s way, keeping no work left. The Dutchman ran to the corner to celebrate the goal, seemingly overflowing with emotion and looking to hold back tears. Meanwhile, his teammates rushed over to congratulate him.

  After the match, Paul Scholes told BT Sport it was clear how much the goal meant to the striker. After the former Manchester United midfielder was involved in criticism for his inability to score goals. His Scholes joked that “I think he was a little bit pleased with his goal. I think he’s been waiting for that ′′ I think everyone at the club is pleased with him. Including the players around him.” He added: “You can see how happy people are for him. He works very hard and it’s a job that can’t be seen. You can see the players around him admiring him.”

          Owen Hargreaves, who worked with Scholes Said that even Wakehorst Will only score two goals in 15 games. But he made an impact for the club. “The point is that the team is playing well. Since he came He started every game ′′ Marcus Rashford has been in a lot of headlines. just like Bruno Fernandes and Anthony He is working hard for the team. Both running, making the path, starting the game You could tell he was delighted to score.

 Scholes once criticized the Dutchman for not being good enough for the club following their 7-0 defeat to Liverpool. It was a tough week for Wakehorst. which was criticized by fans He also touched on the ‘This is Anfield’ sign on his way down to the pitch before losing to his arch-rivals. But it seems that the fans Manchester United will forgive him after scoring a goal in this game. The Holland international has been heavily criticized this week. After being photographed touching the ‘This is Anfield’ sign and the outcry was so intense that he was rushed to post a statement on social media.

          “I usually don’t react to headlines. but for this It’s worth it because the fans The incredible of Manchester United is important to me. So I just want to explain the video that’s going around right now. From the national team, I know Virgil always touches that sign. and I stopped him from touching the sign to try to tease him before the game ′′ ′′ When I was young, I cheered FC. Twente all along And now, as a proud Manchester United player, my contribution to this incredible club has never been questioned. We’re working hard to get it right next week. We will come together again and achieve our goals this season!”