Spear Salika apologizes to Swan praising the lack of hope for the top four

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Callum Wilson, the veteran Newcastle striker, had to swallow himself. After having said that Liverpool are desperate to return to win a ticket to play in the UCL next season, admitting that he was mistaken and apologizes for saying that

Newcastle United striker Callum Wilson apologizes to Liverpool fans Out of hope for the top four, although the Reds managed to collect three points from Salika Dong on Saturday, February 18, but after the Red Machine managed to crush Manchester United 7-0 in the English Premier League game when last weekend causing him to go back on what he said

Spear Salika apologizes to Swan praising the lack of hope for the top four

Jurgen Klopp ‘s team overtakes the Magpies to rank 5th with 42 points from 25 games, 3 points behind Tottenham Hotspur who have played more than 1 game. Invasion to win Bournemouth in the next game will immediately overtake into the top four. Although still not guaranteed that in the end they will go to the big European Cup next season But the overall form of the team looks unusually better.

The 31-year-old star player came out to say via the podcast that “I’m sorry to say that Liverpool are not back in the race for Champions League places. they are back what happened in this minute No matter what I did before The universe has brought the opposite! Last week United lifted the trophy against us. You can’t see the consequences like this. that is football That’s the beauty of the Premier League.” 

At the same time, the spearhead of the elite also admitted that the English top league It’s the hardest league in the world. Because of the size of the team whose form has fallen since the beginning of the season Against a UFABET team that just recently won a trophy, it ended in a 7-0 thrashing of the underperforming team. Is this really a competition?

For Liverpool since the invasion lost. Wolverhampton Wanderers came 0-3, then in the last 5 league games they won 4 games against their opponents, drew 1 game, collected 13 points, scored 13 goals and did not concede a single goal. With Newcastle United, the last 5 matches in the league have not won any team, divided into 3 draws and 2 defeats. The last game defeated Manchester City 0-2, ranked 6th in the table.