How many types of online slots are there?

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Even though slot games are everywhere. online casino If we put them together and separate them well, there will be about 4 major types: classic slots, online slots , brand name slots. and slots with progressive jackpots which are different as follows

Classic slots can be regarded as the ancestors of online slots around the world. Or big casinos also work with a mechanical system for issuing prizes.

Online slots are slots that have been developed in the form of computer games. work with digital use a computer to process and issue prizes It has a distinctive feature that has a beautiful appearance. High payout accuracy Players can play anywhere as long as they have internet access.

brand name slots It is a slot game that buys licenses for various brands to make slot games. Whether it’s movies, cartoons or games, this type of slots will be developed by the developer must first get permission from the copyright owner or brand owner. There will be clear terms in the license. We don’t have to pay much attention to this one. Only if you come across any slot game that is a movie or a famous game or something like this. That’s it, brand name slots.

Progressive jackpot slots This one, many people may misunderstand that it is only available in online slots. But in fact it is available in casinos as well. Which can be divided into 2 types:

How many types of online slots are there?

Built-in slots

Its form is a slot machine located in a UFABET casino. It is clearly defined how much the progressive jackpot will be paid out. It does not refer to the player’s stake. Therefore, this type of slot pays a relatively low progressive jackpot. However, the odds and the chances of paying out prizes are also higher as well. Cash Splash, which is a 3-reel slot, is another slot game with progressive jackpot payments that gamblers around the world. Popular to play since 1998 to the present.

network slots

Is a slot game born from the idea that “everything is an online slot, it pulls bets from all places into one place” This type of slots has a high progressive jackpot payout. than the first Because it will deduct part of the bets of players scattered around the world to be included in one place Therefore causing the induction of the jackpot to be higher And after it pays out the reward, everything will start over again. to wait for the next lucky winner